Another year older...

I love December. Having my birthday and christmas in the same month usually means lots of new games. Earlier this month we celebrated both my and my wife's birthdays. Hers tends to fall Thanksgiving weekend so we'll celebrate with family all in one go.

This year I was lucky enough to receive the Myths and Legends expansion for Small World. I'm really looking forward to trying this out as it seems to add a whole new level to the game. As with the original game the art is fun and clever. On the board game front I also received Call of Chthulu LCG and the Chthulu Dice game. The card game seems similar to Magic the Gathering without the collectible aspect. Chthulu Dice is a variation on LRC with different terms and a funky 12-sided die.

Quick side note: Recently I watched Chthulu (2007) this is by far one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Be forewarned it is a giant waste of time. 

On the RPG front I was fortunate enough to receive the Deathwatch core rules and the Rogue Trader: Into the Storm expansion. Both live up to Fantasy Flight's high level of quality and I look forward to eventually nailing down a day each month to run a campaign. RPG's have been notoriously difficult to run with my usual gaming crew but everyone seems interested in this system. It seems like the nature of it will also lend itself well to players being absent for a session.