On the Painting Table...


Malifaux – Finally getting back in the swing of things a working on some new commissions. On the table we have an Executioner, Electrical Creation, Enslaved Nephimlim, Purifying Flame and Scales of Justice.

Assembling the Scales of Justice is a huge pain. The next time I put one together I'll glue the pans to the chain first. I didn't do that this time and had to hold the pans in place until it dried (I don't use accelerant because it weakens the bond). Once you get around the difficulties of assembly it's a really cool model. 

I think this is the third or forth Electrical Creation I've assembled and painted. At this point I've gotten really good at getting the electricity arcs to quickly bond. The bag/tentacles are still weird no matter how many times I paint them but with a bit of work you can highlight them so they look more like a torn bag and less like fleshy tentacles.

Painting fire is one of my least favorite things, mostly because getting it to look remotely realistic is a tedious affair. I've found working with a light yellow and layering up various shades of yellow, orange and red is most effective. Then to smooth the transitions I wash with a yellow or orange ink. 

I dread painting the flesh of the executioner. My biggest issue with the model is the large smooth belly. I've seen many variations that add hair or tattoos to break up the area, but most of those techniques are more time consuming than I'm willing to do on a table top quality piece. With a bit of layering you can get a nice finish however. I really wish that if Wyrd does an alternate sculpt of the model that it include sculpted hair. 

The Nephilim is really simple and the amount of detail on the model makes it easy to quickly accomplish a nice tabletop finish. For the flesh I used an Ivory color washed with Ogryn Flesh and then highlighted with the same color. I think this is the easiest way to paint pale otherworldly flesh. I'll probably do a light purple wash to make the flesh of the torn wings look bruised.