Terror Below - The Big Worm

Board Games - Terror Below was on Kickstarter last year. It’s essentially Tremors the board game without licensing the property and tying into the line of films. The game is played with wooden pieces that plyers use to try and escape the giant worms living below the surface. So yes the gameplay is real similar to the film.

While the game itself doesn’t use minis (I imagine to keep costs down) they did make one giant worm model that came with the Kickstarter.

Stormcast Eternals

Stormcast Eternals

Age of Sigmar – I don’t typically get a tone of Age of Sigmar models on my painting table but when I do they are quite fun to paint. Rebranding and reimagining the Fantasy line was probably one of the best things Games Workshop could do. Not being tied to the Old World any longer each new faction they release is dynamic and unique to their IP. With Warhammer 40,000 Space Marines have been the iconic unit since it’s inception, Warhammer Fantasy didn’t really have anything that wasn’t tied to generic fantasy

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Gun Fighters Ball - Legends of the Old West

Historical – Cowboys are such an American icon. While Westerns come in and out of popularity every few years, there always seems to be a new miniature game popping up set in the genre. One of my clients went whole hog with Knuckleduster’s Gun Fighter’s Ball. This is a skirmish game that works for 2-12 players, the game has cards that detail out the stats for each mini and they come sold in packs of gangs like the Earps and James Gang. The production quality of the cards is pretty basic, but the figure are amazingly detailed metal models. Gone are the days or blobby lead cowboys, these models are crisp and well defined.

Arena Rex - Blood on the Sand

Arena Rex - Gladiators have always been cool. Arena Rex has beautiful miniatures for their game of death. Being a slightly fantastic take on the historical narrative of the Roman Empire this game features giant scorpions, plant people and other interesting creatures to duke it out in the arena.

A Tale of Two Abaddons

A Tale of Two Abaddons

Warhammer 40,000 – For literal decades the metal Abaddon struck fear into the hearts of loyalist dogs on tables the world over. His tiny Napoleonic presence leading the masses of cultists and heretics in crusades leaving a trail of destruction. That all changed with the release of a new plastic kit, now the Lord of the Black Legion has a stature suitable to his station. An iconic release like this has players scrambling to tweak their lists to include the new hotness. Which leads me to my tale.

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Green Knight - House Cadmus Crusader


Warhammer 40,000 - Big stompy robots with huge guns. Love ‘em or hate ‘em Imperial Knights are here to stay. Most of the Knight commissions I’ve done have be a unique color scheme that doesn’t line up with any of the Houses. Most of them have also been magnetized extensively. From a cost perspective this tends to make more sense to most players. The unique scheme allows them to play any house or freeblade combination they’d like without their opponent hassling them about the color scheme. While the magnets let them change up loadouts on a whim. When you pay $150 or so for a model you tend to want to get the most bang for your buck.

The flip side of that are players that pick a house and load-out and stick with it. These players tend to see the knight as its own character with a backstory and history. This latest project is probably a little of the later. My client got a great deal on a painted knight and wants me to match the scheme for this Crusader.

Arkham Horror - Expansion

Board Games – I’ve painted up quite a few models for this Fantasy Flight game. The latest batch adds some new heroes and a few monsters. The sculpts are all pretty decent and take paint well. My only honest complaint about the minis is the dumb clunky base. I know in game it serves a functional purpose that makes it easy to see what the monster is, how big it is and it’s basic stats, but in my opinion the base detracts from the model as a whole.


Trun Hunters - Shadows of Brimstone (In Space?)

Board Games – Shadows of Brimstone is quite the mishmash of things, initially it seemed like a Cowboy game with monsters but with each expansion it delves further into the weird. This latest set I painted reminds me a bit of Bosk from Star Wars or the Badoon from the Guardians of the Galaxy books. Space-faring lizardmen bounty hunters, kinda speaks for itself.


Assaulting Devestastion - Ultramarine Centurions


Warhammer 40,000 – Units come in and out of favor every time there is a new release for 40k. I’ve been painting a variety of Ultramarine units for this client. He’s working on rounding out his collections and getting all the units he might want to filed painted up. With the new space marine codex I feel like he’s going to be adding quite a few more units to the collection since almost everything got cheaper and/or better.

When they first came out Centurions were ridiculed as something silly and dumb, why would a marine in armor don a second armor suit, and why did look like the Power Loader from aliens with power fists and guns strapped below them. But being as their initial release was during the “Reign of Grav” they saw significant play. The assault variants were pretty universally dismissed as not good.


In 8th edition Centurions don’t tend to see much play. Some tweaks and new rules will probably change that however. If your list is a straight-up gun line these guys fill a solid roll.

Paint on these matches the previous Ultramarine schemes I’ve done which you can read about here.

Black Plague - Zombicide in the Dark Ages

Black Plague - Zombicide in the Dark Ages

Board Games – I remember when the first Zombicide game was up on Kickstarter, zombies were all the rage and Walking Dead was fresh and different, survivors based on pop icons drove the stretch goals to create an annual cash cow for CMON. As with most “sequels” the franchise eventually lost steam and rebooted in an Evil Dead 3-ish realm of mid-evil zombies and necromancers. Of course this also gave the game access to a variety of fantasy tropes that breathed new life into the franchise and wrangled in fantasy players with a refined version of the game that uses a nifty dashboard instead of the awkward “paperclip” for tracking your character.

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7th Continent - Flying Roots


Board Games – I love the variety of painting clients I currently have. It’s really hard to get burnt out when you have a variety of things to paint. (I swear if I have to paint one more Hive Fleet Leviathan model I’ll lose it) It’s especially nice to get something on a totally off-the-wall scale like 7th Continent. These models are tiny.

The goal with these was to match the card art/box art so that it’s easier for players to identify their paws on the board easier. At this scale it’s not so much about an amazing paint job as it is being functional.

Down with the Sickness - Plaguebearers


Warhammer 40,000 – Nurgle seems to be really popular in 8th Edition. Which makes sense when you consider how important screening and board control are to most of the missions. That paired with a pretty amazing product line means many of these disease ridden daemons have traversed my tabletop.

This latest batch is a little different as the client requested some variety in skin tone. So I started with two colors or green and a flesh tone as my base. A quick wash of Athonian Camoshade got them to a nice dirty look and some gore effects finished them off.

The OTHERS: Seven Sins - Gamma Team

Board Games - It’s amazing the amount of content CMON produces for their board games. I’ve painted up several batches of these models for my client and I think she still has a few more sets to go. When this game was up on Kickstarter originally I picked up the “core” set but still haven’t had a chance to put it on the table, from what I’ve heard it’s an amazing game with a rich backstory. I love the models and hopefully I’ll be able to find some free space on my painting table to get my own set done soon.

Wolves on the Prowl - More Space Wolves

Wolves on the Prowl - More Space Wolves

Warhammer 40,000 – Quite often I have clients come back to add additional units to their armies. With a living system like 40k has become points fluctuate with the Chapter Approved releases, rules change with new supplements or FAQs and as such a 2,000 point army may find itself in need of some reinforcements. Such is the case with these Space Wolves I painted a few years ago.

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Tau Tanks Terrorize Town

Warhammer 40,000 – Tau are by far my least favorite army to paint or play against. I love reading about them and the role they play in the game, especially in the campaign supplements from late seventh edition. They’re more alien feeling than the Eldar and have a really cohesive look and feel. My issue is that cohesive look and feel means painting any model in the range feels very much like painting every other model in the range, particularly with this scheme.

This time around my client decided to add a Spearhead Detachment to his existing force. There are quite a few things I love about 8th edition 40K and the detachment style of building army list ranks at the top. If you work out points costs for your detachments that can fit into a larger army build it becomes very easy to mix and match completely changing how the force functions by swapping in a Spearhead instead of a Vanguard for example.

The paint is pretty standard Vior’la Tau, you can read more about the scheme in these posts.

Death Watch - Heavy Support


Warhammer 40,000 – Some armies you’ll always be adding small elements to. With Space Marines of any type minor adjustments in wargear load-outs can drastically affect your costs, which means tweaking units by a model or two. When working with a super-specialized force like Death Watch those tweaks can have a bigger impact. For players that don’t like to proxy or use counts as models in their force this means constantly adding to your collection until you have ever combination covered.

This latest batch of Death Watch marines goes along with the force I’ve been painting for a client, this time around he’s adding some special and heavy weapons.