Hobby on the road...

I just got back from a nice vacation in Gatlinburg, TN. It's a very interesting place to vacation because there's the natural beauty of the Smokey Mountain National Park and the super commercialized downtown tourist trap. I got a ton of great shots that will most likely become inspiration for some future projects. 

While on the road I decided to try and find a cool game store and see what gaming is like in other areas. I found Sci-fi City at a mall in Knoxville. The store is really cool and has an excellent selection of product. They have an Xbox Lounge, multiple gaming tables, comic books, board games, hobby supplies and a large selection of collectibles and t-shirts.

It's obvious from the store front that the owners take pride in their shop and know how to make and impression. The entry-way looks like a spaceship portal and the first thing you'll notice are the nicely crafted game tables. I was impressed to see that there's a table reserved solely for Maifaux. The Malifaux selection was pretty basic and it didn't look like they had the full line, but it was displayed prominently. They also had a large selection of Gamesworkshop product as well as the full line of Privateer Press. 

On a side note/rant:
I don't know how people can stand the sales tax in TN though, it's almost 10%, which made me a little sick to my stomach when they taxed groceries as well. WTF is up with having multiple types of sales tax? That alone made me glad to be back in Michigan.