More Neverborn

Malifaux – To pair with the Ortega family commission that I've been working on is a Lilith's brood crew. I've blocked in the colors and started with the washes. My client wants them to have ebony skin with read hair, green eyes and purple. At first I thought this was going to be a really weird scheme to pull off, but after experimenting with different mixes and shades I think I've found the solution. 

I started with a dark gray skin tone and then used a black wash to build up the skin to almost black, this way when I go back to do the highlights and detail work they won't become too gray. For the hair I'm going with a orange color that will be subtly different on each of the models. Lilith will be decked out in a white corset with a purple cape. The mature will have white hair and a purple toga.

Rather than having traditional metal weapons, my client requested that the sword be made of bone. This is going to be interesting to keep the white and bone contrasting without clashing to badly. Inspiration hit me at a knife store in TN, where they have knives with many different types of blades on display. I'm going to do the blades similar to a "stag" antler color, much like the knife my wife gave me for our anniversary [ happily married for 2 years :) ].