On the painting table...

Malifaux – I've started another commission for the Ortega family. This time around the client wants them to have black coats and to bring in orange to the color pallet. To compliment the orange and help deviate from the "halloween" look orange an black typically have I've brought in a n earthy green color. I think this helps to give them a nice look. Obviously they models are far from finished but I'm really happy with how they've turned out so far.  Doing black anything is always a challenge to highlight because if you do to much it looks gray, and to little doesn't bring out the definition of the models. Using washes over a dark grey I think I can create a water-color-like effect that will not only bring out the detail but also simplify the highlighting process. 


I've also had a chance to work on McMorning's Lab a bit more. Having interior locations as part of "Rising Powers" is pretty exciting. So far I've framed in the lab and began detailing it out. 

I've chosen to give the working areas a grated flooring to help with any spills or other fluids that might wind up on the floor of the lab. The rest of the floor is going to be decked out in cobblestones.