OOOOh Scarier

Malifaux – I've been experimenting with some different Seamus lists as of late trying to nail down what's most effective with my favorite serial killer.

I've been pairing him with some of the Spirits lately and have had mixed success. Terrifying checks aren't nearly as effective as Lure to force a model to move so he can charge them. However spamming the most terrifying models you can seems to be a good way to force your opponent to burn through cards. 

Here's the 35SS list I've been working with:

Crooked Man
7 SS pool

Ranged lists tend to cause this a fair amount of problems, as the spirits don't block LOS so Seamus is missing his army of dead whores to hide behind. Hence he tends to take more damage than with other lists. He also doesn't benefit from Necrotic Ministrations when they die nor does he gain a corpse. 

What this list does good is scare the crap out of your opponent as the Shikome can be in their face Turn 2. The Onryos can give the other spirits a bit of protection with Immediate Revenge and the Hanged can potentially give negative twists to Wp duels (which means the spirits can attack and the opposing model can have a negative twist when defending).

Depending on activation order you might get lucky enough to empty your opponents hand and pull off Slit Juggular (a trigger that's rarely worth using otherwise).