Garage Sale Continues...

I'm going to continue my Garage Sale for the rest of March. Each week I'm adding new products to the store. Some of the items are commissions that weren't picked up or the customer changed their mind. Other items are conversions and works-in-progress that I haven't worked on for a long time and don't anticipate coming back to. And of course the bulk of the items are well painted armies that I no longer have an interest in.

New this week are some models from what I'd consider a "display quality" Legion of Everblight army. This army features a cool blue and brown scheme with lots of detail work. The highlights don't show up in photographs as well as they do in hand, but I'm really proud of this project and hate to see it go. But in an interest of keeping my display cases current I'm willing to part with them as I have little interest in getting back into the system. 

Also up are some models from my Chaos Marine army. I'm not a big fan of the new codex and am trying to limit myself to just one army for each large game system I play. I don't play 40K as much as I used to and can probably get by with just a loyalist chapter that I can work on completing.