Apartment 13 ...

Earlier this week, I had a chance to play a special scenario of MERCS using some home brew rules. The game was really fun and we had a chance to try out maverickman's foam apartment building. 

The terrain piece covers a 2'x2' area and each floor consists of four separate tiles. For our game we started on the roof and had to fight our way out of the building. 

We used the zombie stats that I posted up earlier this month and each chose a five man team. The apartment building was populated with about 40 zombies. Each player randomly chose one member of their team to start. Each round a new MERC would appear at one of the entrance points. The player with the fewest MERCs on the table randomly chooses a new team member to join the fight. In the event of a tie for fewest MERCs, we rolled off the determine who got a new team member. 

The zombies would move one card length towards the source of noise anytime a shot was fired (silent weapons don't trigger a move ie flamer). After all the MERCs activate the zombies move toward any MERC in LOS, attacking if they get within a base. We also determined the zombies moved at the same time, otherwise overwatch wipes them out to quickly. 

The game was a ton of fun and I look forward to trying something similar again. During the first turn all the MERCS were wiped out and became zombies. The next turn our team members were better equipped to handle the horde, but still had a tough time clearing the floor.