Just plain silly...

Malifaux – This week I decided to break out my Kirai crew, rather than run my standard list I decided to try something silly. I took part in a three player game on my "Hell" table facing both a 35-stone Sonnia and a 35-stone Vonschill list. We deployed in 8"x6" rectangles equally spaced in a triangle.

Here's the list I ran:

Kirai (6 Stone Pool)
Spirit of Lost Love
5 Seishin

My idea was to turn Killjoy into a spirit and heal him up with the nurse, than do the same to the nurse and have that nightmare running around the table. I drew the cards to pull it off in my opening hand, however I got overzealous with trying to scare Von Schill back down the water fall, with the necropunk that was in his face turn one. Rather than run away from the thing like I anticipated my opponent doing, he stood his ground and killed it. With Slow to Die I summoned Killjoy, and attempted to run through his crew. Some bad flips on my part limited the destruction and the Nurse and SoLL were to far away to save the big guy.

On the other side of the table I sent Kirai and the Seishin to deal with Sonnia. An amazing turn one saw a Shikome and Ikiryo summoned right in the middle of his crew. The Shikome forced Sonnia to burn through all her stones preventing damage and then the last to not run away when she activated the next turn.  The Shikome died in the following turn, and Sonnia put up Inferno. A healed up Kirai burned through her final Seishin to summon a Shikome which proceeded to kill Sonnia and her explosion wiped out her crew.

The list has some potential to be pretty ridiculous, but I think I burned through my spirits far to quickly and didn't get Kirai anywhere near the action to gain more Seishin. We called the game turn four as it was getting late and I only had the Lost Love, Nurse and Kirai with 1 wound left, on the opposite side of the table from Vonschill, 2 Librarians, and some wounded Friekorps. I think I could have potentially come back given the right draw, but I didn't see a single crow in that last turn and was unable to pull off any of the spells I needed.