Editorial – Nerd Rage

Note: Apologies to regular readers it's time for another rant. The following is an off topic rant caused by the extreme ignorance of others, we'll return to regular posts next week.

Why is it that gamers/comic guys/geeks in general insist on being complete douche bags on forums and message boards? Is it because they feel so emasculated in real life that they need to vent testosterone in an anonymous venue hiding behind random forums names hiding their information from the masses, lest they be found out as the waste of flesh they are.

As of late on several forums I regularly frequent their has been a huge upswing in nerd rage and douche-baggery. Most notably there seems to be an influx of disenfranchised infinity players bad mouthing Malifaux on their own forums and than dragging their discussion back to the Wyrd forums. I've seen it on Bell of Lost Souls as well, game forums becoming victims of their own success. I fondly remember the GW forums before they were shut down due to the constant stream of "OMG THis Is Sooooooo BrOken!" or "I'm Gona boykot if u dont lower moneyies." Is this necessary? Do gamer's really think they'll gain anything by ranting like this. Or is it really just the immature 10 year old boy in them screaming out because they suck at everything?

I tend to believe it's the later; as gamer's tend to be a vagabond group traveling from new game to new game and back like gypsies in the night or more aptly like dirty carnies dragging there wares about; their fellows develop an extreme prejudice towards new and "better" systems. These players then feel the need to rip apart and discredit the popular game (much like they did the jocks in high school) and make it look bad to their fellows. These raging nerds truly believe misery loves company and they must bring everyone into their cold sad world.

The other group that seems to be more vocally dissing the Malifaux system are the gamers version of "hulked out ragin' jocks" those ultra competitive blowks from across the pond who insist on world wide rankings and a tier system for everything. They've clung to WarMaHorde like grease on chips. Many have left the systems they helped mold into the codex creepy new army every month to attempt and bastardize new systems. Their opponents that get fed up with the nonsense move to a new system only to be followed by the very type of gamer they're trying to avoid.

Now it appears those chaps have decided Malifaux is the game for them and the forums are flooded with the same complaints about VAT, tiers, balance, shipping, and limited release stuff. Why can't people be happy with a system that is just fun.

Additional Note: If you do happen to fall into one of these groups or feel like I have offended you in any way go bitch about it on some other forum. This is not directed at normal fellow gamers but rather those forum Trolls and Hammerheads. 


It seems that some of the more vocal angry elements have recently left the boards. This is a good thing in my opinion. It sucks when a small really vocal group becomes the unwanted face of a group of players.

This post was originally targeted at a very specific group of forum trolls that turned a pleasant forum into a den of constant complaining and nit picking at minor problems turning a game that has no business being cut-throat competitive in my mind into their tournament go to.