Mini Malifaux League

Malifaux – RIW Hobbies will be hosting a Mini Malifaux League beginning August 16, 2011. The league will be basically a three week "tournament" in which players will play one 40 Soulstone Encounter each week. This is the prefect opportunity for players to test their new toys presented in Malifaux Book 3 - Twisted Fates, proxies for unreleased models are allowed as long as they are a close approximation of the model they represent.

I've posted the scenarios up on the Paperbag Warriors page. Buy in is $5 and prizes brought back from GenCon will be awarded based on attendance. 

Format is:

• Single Faction

• Domination Format (per Gaining Ground)

• Story-based encounters 

• Painting is encouraged but not required

• Games begin at 7:00pm sharp