What a Big Box You Have - Super Dungeon Explore

Super Dungeon Explore – So I broke down and ordered Super Dungeon Explore, I was able to find a 2nd printing for $68 on ebay which seemed like a really good price. I haven't had a chance to play it yet but first impressions are favorable.

The box is huge and contains everything you need to play. With the second printing the printing issues from the first run were corrected. From what I've read online the first run of the game has the tokens all miscut, that's not the case with the box I picked up.

I had read that the card quality was improved in the second run as well, however if that's the case I'd hate to see what they were with the first run. I need to pick up some dragon shields to protect these as there's no way they'd hold up for more then a dozen or so games before being damaged.

The rule book is printed on a pretty light weight stock which is slightly annoying given how nice the printing is. If they would have went with a 80# cover stock instead of what feels like 60# text the book would feel more substantial and hold up better over time. Minor grip I know but skimping on paper stock is one of my pet peeves.

The tokens and boards are printed on a decent quality card. Nothing high end here but given most people who really get into the game build 3D tiles it's understandable. Again a minor grip, but something that should be taken into account.

With this run instructions are included for assembling the miniatures. Big improvement as most of these models are in several pieces that look similar. The minis are all really cool looking and of a high quality, which is really the draw of this game they make up for where the other components are lacking.

The rules are a little confusing on the first read through but after a second look they make sense are should be easy to teach players unfamiliar with the concept. I really like the mechanics and special dice. Not having played it yet it seems like the game with go fast and the increasing toughness of the spawned monsters is fun. I hope with future releases they include some alternate scenarios as the smash and grab style of the game is fun and quick but I don't think it takes full advantage of the property. 

Once I get these models assembled I'll post up a post play review. But my initial impressions with the box are really positive.