Dinosaur Skeletons - A Quick Review

Random – So I needed a dinosaur skeleton for the library board I've been working on and didn't want to spend a fortune on a model. It's surprisingly hard to find a decent looking small scale skeleton model. I assumed I could just walk into a model store and grab one off the shelf. No such luck.

I did however find this Revel Cub Scout activity kit that looked like the final skeleton would be the right size. The catch of course was that it needed to be excavated. I figured this could be a fun activity for my daughter, and brought it home. She was immediately thrilled at the prospect of excavating a dinosaur and got right to work on this "novel idea."

After an hour and a half she had freed a single leg, and decided this wasn't a fun project after all. So I picked up the tiny hammer and chisel and got to work. It was entertaining for about 15 minutes. The tedious nature of the project should earn you merit badges by the boatload. If the creators of this activity intended to scare off any kids that think being an archeologist is all Indian Jones and Jurassic Park fun they succeeded. It's so repetitive and boring, just like the real thing I suppose.

Since I didn't really care about the activity I took the chunk of plaster into the garage and dropped it on the floor. This split the plaster into 4 smaller chunks. A few whacks with a rubber mallet turned the plaster to dust and I was able to retrieve my T-rex.

The model itself is easy to put together and looks pretty good next to my miniatures. I need to dig out the plaster remnants so it snaps together and then I can mount it to a plaque so it looks like Sue from the Field Museum.