Librarians vs. Pirates – Is it May yet?

Relic Knights – I was able to get in a second game of Relic Knights using my ghetto proxy set. This time around we played a 50 point game and had Esper Wells as the scenario. Essentially Esper wells is a capture the flag style scenario. There are 5 wells on the board and you have to run a model over to them spend your action to turn it your color. Pretty straight forward.

I took Kisa and Scratch, 2 Noviates and a Librarian to face off against Calico Kate, Squall, a broadside and some pirates. I was bummed to not have anything to spend my last 3 points on I guess Malifaux's Soulstone Pool has spoiled me in the regard. I think it'd be cool if you received held esper for points not spent, but I have a feeling it would break the game.

We finished the game in just under 45 min which is pretty amazing, after so many long drawn out games of other systems it's refreshing to be able to play a fast game and potentially get more in during game night.

After playing Doctrine I really like their mechanics pushing models out of ready is pretty tricky and requires some prior thought when setting up your que. I forgot that the Noviates have coordinated fire which means they didn't do as much damage as they should have. Kate's abilities seem to revolve around blowing stuff up and pushing models around so there was lots of models getting bashed into the crystal towers.

I'm still loving the Beta Rules for this game and I hope very little changes. On the Sodapop forums there is a lot of whining that their need to be squad rules but I'm not seeing it. Having low power scrubs acting alone is helpful to capture objects and run interference. Since this is a true skirmish game I would HATE to see it fall into units like Warmahordes.