On the painting table ... Super Secret Angels

Warhammer 40K – I received the second batch of Dark Angels the other day and am quite happy to report I was able to paint them up in a single sitting. (Well for the most part) I got all the colors blocked in and the basic washes done. Next up is the edge highlights and the minor detail work. 

These probably look very similar as its the same squad that comes with Dark Vengeance with some minor conversion work on the sergeant. The client has informed me that the next batch with be Deathwing Terminators. I'm looking forward to painting them as it's been a long time since I painted a mostly white (OK fine ... bone) model.


On a side note I'm back in the lab casting a boatload more of those LED flame counters. It seems like just when I finish up a big batch they sell out and I get another big order. Thanks again for everyone's patience on these. I think I need to revisit the molds for these to try and make a more efficient way of producing them. 


Also Dork Tower has a great strip that everyone should read. Happy Holidays!