The Back Forty K (ok that's not as clever as I thought)

Warhammer 40,000 – It's weird how cylical my gaming group is. We can go weeks without getting together and then jump right back into a weekly routine. I really prefer having a standing night during the week to play as it's less likely to get interrupted by other obligations then events on the weekends.

Anyway we're back into playing 40K and I'm really liking that sixth edition seems to play faster than the previous editions. The allies rules work well for team games especially when they're all imperial armies. Yes I know it's a bit weird to have all imperials fighting each other. 

Last night we played a 3,000 point game with five guys. I paired my 1,500 points  of my Twilight Ravens (Space Sharks this game) with 1,500 points of Drew's Salamanders and we took on 1,000 points each of Dark Angels, Codex Marines and Imperial Guard. For the game we just chose to do three objectives worth 3 points a piece with annihilation being a secondary objective.

Turn one saw two Salamanders dreads and a Twilight Raven dread arriving via droppod. Their goal was to take out the Leman Russ loaded out with Plasma Weapons. Unfortunately they only caused it to loose a few hull points. The guard were able to get a lucky shot and destroy the TR Dread. However the Droppod delivered the locator beacon to a sweet spot for the rest of the pods that would be arriving later.

Tybereous is so cool he and his Red Breathren carved up two squads of Dark Angels, Dark Angels Company Master, an Attack Bike and a Platoon of Guard. I really like using the Carcadons master as a supplement to my shooty force. 

We were able to get in 4 solid turns before reaching our designated end time and essentially all the Dark Angels and Guard were wiped out with a few of the codex marines hiding out in the ruins. I claimed two of the objectives and Drew picked up the other one. 

The game was a ton of fun and moved quicker then I expected, this includes a bunch of looking in the book to reference special rules and look up how things work in this edition. Nice enough there wasn't a single rules argument which either says my group has matured or GW has written a relatively solid rule book.