Leaping Lizards - More Salamanders

Warhammer 40K – Moving forward with a full head of steam sixth edition has several of my painting clients really excited. In particular my friend Drew is loving his Salamanders force. However he has come to the realization that 50%-75% of the games you play in sixth edition 40K are going to be objective based and he needs more troops. (While I pointed out that is some of those fast attach units are scoring he doesn't think they fit with his army theme).

To increase his options he picked up two more squads from Black Reach and asked me to add a power fist and storm bolter to the squad to fill in where he might have points to spend. He didn't want me to spend a ton of time on the conversion so I kept it simple and clipped off the point arm on the sergant and replaced it with a power fist. the other sergant had his hand clipped and rotated so he could hold the storm bolter "nonghettostyle." with plastic models simple swaps like this are easy so loing as you use plastic glue. using the glue to melt the plastic fills in weird joins and creates an incrediblly strong bond.

Painting followed the same scheme as the rest of the army, gretchin green base, green wash etc.