Nemisises, Nemisii ...something like that

Rogue Trader – Continuing on the 40K kick I've been on I've been building more models. Some of these could be used as NPCs on the my Players Groups vessel and the others will represent a Rogue's Gallery or recurring villain.

First up is the rival rouge trader. This is based off a Reaper model with some minimal weapon swaps. I think the modified plasma pistol/gun comes off as pretty lethal. I armed him with a Xenos blade which to me screams bad guy or at the very least morally flexible. To accompany this villain I created twin combat servitors each wielding a plasma pistol and chain blade. If you had vast sums of money and resources at your expense would you really have a walking corpse that looks the part as a body guard? I think not which is why these servitors are modeled after some favorite servants/mistresses that wronged the trader in some way.

The next model can double as a house agent or another trader if need be. I really like the model as it came stock and didn't do any modifications. The watch/compass fots so well with the naval feel I wanted.

I found the Chronoscope Crime boss to be a great fit as well with minor weapon swaps he can play a variety of potential "boss" characters or a brawny member of the crew.

For the Rogue Trader I chose a Privateer Press model and made a weapon swap. The look an feel of these fit really well with the piratey/naval look portrayed in the Rogue Trader books.

The mechanic doesn't really fit in with the established Mechanicus fluff and I see her more as a technosavant maybe a psyker with and affinity for machines. Or a random rouge fixer. In some of the Necromunda fluff there's reference to all types of individuals in the underhive so it makes sense that real mechanics might exist.

I really need to track down some guitar wire to finish these off, unfortunately all the music stores  near me have closed up shop.