A Bit Rusty - Rigor Mortis Perhaps?

Getting in my first game of the Dead Heat campaign, I made the trek down to RIW hobbies in Livonia. I brought along my swamp board and realized it wasn't really the best fit for the locations of the campaign. Going over the map my opponent (Ben) and I chose to play in location (15) Southern Docks District. It seems like this would be the closest fit for the swamp board i had with me.

We choose to do a 35 stone Shared Strategy and flipped Claim Jump with corner deployment. I was the attacker. I picked Frame for Murder and Assasinate as my Schemes. Ben had Bodyguard and an unannounced.

My List:



Necrotic Machine


Dead Doxy

(2) Punk Zombies

Ben's List


Studdent of Conflict 

(3) Desparate Mercs




(2) Freikorp 

Turn One saw us moving up to the center of the table. I was able to bring the first Deparate Merc down to 1 Wd. And Seamus took some shots.

Turn Two we were in the thick of it and traded a few models, Seamus "red jokered" a Freikorp and made a Belle. The Doxy took a beting and Final Encored with a Belle to stick around. Vonschill unloaded on Seamus causing both of us to burn through quite a few stones during the duels. I think this is when the Specialist detonated tanks to make a mess of the center of the board. Being each attack is a ranged strike it can make a mess of engaged models. 

Turn Three Seamus died and my crew started to crumple. VonSchill of course was healed up every turn by that Libraian, so I was focusing on killing him (as an afterthought it makes more sense to target the Librarian first). Things get a little muddled here as a bunch of stuff died. I tried to get my frame for murder set up but VonSchill kept rocketbooting away. 

Turn Four the remainder of my crew was picked apart and I was tabled by the end of Ben's activations.

Final Thoughts: This was just what I needed to knock the rust off. Playing hyper agressively isn't the best coarse of action for the crew I selected. I did however find some more interesting uses for Molly by grabbing a few cool spells to use during the course of the game. Of course while I was doing interesting things i was buring through my crows to quickly and my flips failed to produce the suits I needed on several occasions. I forgot about how annoying the Librarian can be counteracting all your hard work EVERY turn. 

The game was fun and Ben is a great opponent so I'm looking forward to a rematch.