Throwing Down the Gauntlet

Store Review Gamer's Gauntlet, Clinton Twp. MI 

Gamer's Gauntlet opened earlier this year and it's great to have a game store on Metro Detroit's East Side that has a decent amount of space for gaming. The last few years have been pretty rough with several stores closing up shop, so I'm hoping this signals a change for the area. The last few years of gaming drought in the area have been painful and I've been forced to go to the GW store more times then I care to remember to pick up emergency washes or paints. (Of course 2 out of 3 times they'll be out of Devlan Mud or some other basic color of wash ... really your name's on the product and you can't keep it in stock? Instead you want to try and sell me on some overpriced plastic that I told you six times I have no interest in or get me to pay $10 for a catalog of new releases. Oh wait I'm ranting, back to the point)

The store is located near the corner of M-59 and Heydenreich, this location is ideal for holding events as it's about dead center for players from Flint and Livonia to be able to make the trek out to play in tournaments. 

Currently they have a thriving Magic and Warmachine community as well as a pretty decent turn out for Warhammer events. I'm hoping to developed the Malifaux community at this location, as I know there are lots of players in the area that don't want to make the drive to some of the stores on the West Side. 

They've recently installed several large 4x6 gaming table with a nice set of terrain and there are multiple 4x4 tables for skirmish games. As expected there are also tons of folding tables to accommodate most any type of gaming needs you may have.

As this is a newer store, they are a little light on some games. They have a nice selection of resin terrain, boardgames and comic books. They stock the majority of the Warmachine line and have a good selection of Warhammer products. The owner is also happy to order in anything you might need.

Each time I've been in the store they staff has been extremely helpful and pleasant. (Which honestly isn't something you get at most games stores, where the staff is more then happy to bash each purchase you make). If you're in the area I encourage you to swing by and check them out.