One step closer ... MERCs

MERCS – I finished up the sefadu Megacon the other day. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. The tribal markings on the helms were tricky but I think keeping a simple pattern makes them less busy. To do the yellow I thinned out some Tau Sept Ochre and lightly outlined the pattern. Once I was happy with that I added a second coat of the Ochre to thicken the lines. I then went in with a bright yellow and added some hightlights to make them pop a bit more.

I added some tall grass stalks to the bases. I think it feels close to the photos I've seen of Africa or at least is a good facsimile. As with all my models I added some felt to the base to help keep them from tipping over on an uneven surface and sealed them with a matte clear coat.

Next up is the USCR on crystal clear Ice Bases. Eventually I'd like to own all the Megacons. MERCS probably won't ever be my main game but the small model count and fast paced game length makes for a great once in a while game. I find it really enjoyable to paint a single six man squad. It's not enough to get burnt out on, but just enough to tie together with a single paint scheme.

If you'd like to learn more about MERCS the quickstart rules are online here.