Doctor's Orders

Malifaux – Dr. McMorning is one of my favorite masters, however I don't play him as often as I like because Seamus and Kirai get most of my table time. This week I decided to try something different to see how it would work. In an attempt to get in more  games for Dead Heat my group has been playing mostly 25 stone games, so I set up a game against a Guild player to try of this experiment. 

I love Malifaux's Encounter system with all the variety of battlefields, however it's not always feasible to flip on the charts to determine where you fight. As a gerneral rule for my play groups you look at the terrain you have available and pick one or two location that will work. We dod the same for special terrain. If you don't have something available both player will just agree on a feature.

The board we had available was essentially a badlands board that we threw a few houses on to be the outlying slums. And to make things intresting we agreed to have a Magical Nexus as the special terrain feature. We flipped shared slaughter (oh joy).

My list (Schemes: Hold-Out, Assasinate)

Dr. McMorning

Zombie Chiuaua

(2) Rotten Belles


Necrotic Machine

Dead Doxy 

Dave's list (Schemes: Bodyguard, Breakthrough)




Convict Gunslinger


We began the game with diagonal deployment and I got initiative. The first turn consisted of all the Belles moving forward with the movement bonus from Molly and making it to the Nexus at the near center of the board Molly held back and gained Dissection from McMorning. McMorning moved up and punched a Belle for a body part.

The second turn Dave got initiative and walked Santiago twice. I Lured Santiago easily. He now was right next to the Nexus and my Dead Doxy cast Undress and Seduction which both succeeded easily due to the Nexus bonus. Dave moved up Nino and took a pot shot at the Doxy, triggered Trigger Happy several times and killed her, with her Final Encore I swapped in another Belle to the Nexus and reduced her wounds by half to keep the Doxy around. All the set up to get Santiago de-buffed paid off as McMorning carved him up with two swings, discarding a bodypart to gain fast as hide behind a Belle. Just in case I hate when Nino gets a jump on you and goes nuts with Trigger Happy.

The next turn saw Nino carved up the same way followed by Fransico. The game end with my crew (minus the two totems and a Bell, plus a Flesh Construct) Chasing Perdita into the corner and getting a lucky shot in that killed her.

I learned that Molly makes McMorning very mobile (+3 move is huge) and the Belles can easily pull things into range an debuff them enough for McMorning to cut them up. I think I'd like to try this concept at a higher point level with a second Doxy and some more Belles. Not summoning with McMorning seems weird to me but one on one he can cut down most models with ease. The Belles also make a durable punching bag to get some extra bodyparts from.