Picky about Plastic

Malifaux – Having had a little spare time this week I busted out my Hanging Trees and Miss Terious models to put them together. While my initial impression wasn't love at first sight working with the plastics turned out to be a fairly enjoyable experience. The plastic is harder then the GW stuff so having a fresh Xacto blade is key to cleaning them up. And while it is much harder there are still a ton of fragile parts particularly on the Hanging Trees. One nitpicky thing that bugged me is the lack of instructions, the Hanging Trees have quite a few pieces and while it's easy enough to figure out where things line up I still had an extra branch piece that I couldn't figure out where to glue it on. The main trunk also fits so tight I had a difficult time getting it to fit into the slot. Which means there's a nasty gap that needs to be filled.

Miss Terious was a more difficult assembly, the parts are very small and gluing them together was and exercise in frustration until the glue reacted with the plastic, after that it held like a dream. If you decide to use a scenic base there's no good place to pin her to the base as her feet are tiny. I wound up using gorilla glue to mount her to the base and then attached her to the coffin in a few spots before gluing that to the base as well. The model is pretty amazing looking by itself, however standing next to the existing metals she looks small. I appreciate the realistic proportions Wyrd tries to maintain how ever the face on this model is so tiny It's going to be a challenge to paint. 

Having assembled the models I can appreciate them as stand alone pieces. However when compared to the existing line they look very different so much so that then almost seem to be from a completely different range. The trees were a bit of a let down, they look great but the hype around their release implied a bunch of extras on the sprues which wasn't the case, you get two birds per tree which are needed on each tree to add interest areas to the top branches.

Next step is to get some paint on them and see how well they blend in then.