On the Painting Table ... Nuclear Winter

MERCS – In and effort to complete my collection I've started painting a Kezi-Waza force. I really like the look of the models and can't wait to get them on the table. After opening the box I was disappointed to see I was missing some parts. The leader's missle wasn't in the box. I've contacted Brian at mercsminis and he assured me they'd get the part right out to me. While I patiently wait for that to arrive I got to work assembling the rest of the team. 

First thing I noticed is these are particularly fiddly to put together the arms didn't seem to match up as nicely as the other MERCS models I've assembled. After a bit of pinning they fit together pretty much as pictured on the box. There is a nasty gap with the cloaked sniper head that I need to fill with greenstuff and the Heavy Hybrid wouldn't hold his gun with both hands no matter how I tried to position the arms. Eventually I got it to stick with only a slightly noticable gap behind the arm. I mounted these to my urban base set and am happy with how they look. 

After priming them with a dark grey primer I went to work painting the armor plates. I opted for the "official" orange scheme to match the dice that came in the box. The fabric is a nice khaki brown.