More Closet Cleaning - ebay Away

Miscellaneous – I'm still working on getting my game room back into proper shape. As of late I've spent most of my gaming nights up at Gamer's Gauntlet trying to get the Malifaux community up and running. Which means little motivation to clean up my gaming space as I'm not expecting company. As winter approaches I don't know how much I'm going to want to haul terrain and what-not out to the store in the snow and cold so I need to get the game room back in order.

I was recently fairly successful in cleaning out my mini cabinets so I think it's time to focus on the bookshelves. Honestly when I did the gameroom remodel a good portion of the shelving units I picked up were to house a sizable collection of White Dwarf Magazines, No Quarter, RPG books and novels. After almost two years I've come to the realization that I NEVER reference any of this material. The White Dwarf Magazines span back to the time when there was actual content and really for me once I've read modeling articles they pretty much stick with me so I think it's time to part with some more of this stuff.

My wife also has a section of the shelving that she uses to store here books and I'm trying to convince her to let me sell off some of the books because honestly after you're read a book once or twice and or loaned it out what are you really going to do with it other than store it. So you may or may not see some random stuff pop up on my ebay page. Fear not you're still in the right place.