Spring Cleaning ... Deals to be had

Spring Cleaning ... Deals to be had

So it's that time of year again when I go through my game room and start trying to organize. I love my stuff and would love to never part with it, however I love new stuff and always want more. The problem is I don't have an infinite amount of space and the fact the my wife has conceded almost the entire basement to my hobbies means I need to keep my stuff in check so it doesn't begin to consume the rest of the house.

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WAAAGH! - Orks in the System

Random – Hello with the recent Ork Codex release the green menance seems to be a pretty popular subject. I don't actually have any Ork commissions to share with, nor do I plan on starting my own Ork force.

Instead I'm shamelessly plugging some ebay auctions I have going on at the moment. A friend of mine has had a heck of an odd time last year he and his wife lost their first child while in the womb. A terrible thing to happen to anyone for certain. However shortly after they gave it a second try and have a healthy happy little boy. 

Of course as you know, a new child means less time for yourself and unexpected expenses. My friend has decided to slim down his various Warhammer armies and has asked me to help him out. 

If you check out this link you'll find all the current auctions I have up all the Ork models are being sold for my friend. You'll find some great deals on Deffkoptas, Warbikes, Storm Boyz, Dreadnoughts, Killa Kans and more.

Cleaning House - Great Ebay Deals

I've decided to once again downsize some of my collections to make room for new stuff. With Malifaux second edition on the horizon I decided it was time to sell off some of the crew boxes that I haven't opened yet as well as some of the models that don't fit my play style as much.

I had picked up Snowstorm to use with Kirai because I love the model and it brings some cool abilities to the table. But I'm not in love with how the model looks with the rest of my crew and I don't want to be tempted into buying Arcanist stuff to fill it out. So I'm putting him up along with some clear resin ice pillars. 

Also up for bid are a variety of counters and terrain; including supply wagon pieces I've built for various scenarios. I hate to sell off this stuff but I haven't been playing much Malifaux lately and I think with the second edition I'm going to stick with Resurrectionists and Guild as the only factions I collect. This way I'll always have just enough models to run a demo or get a game in with a friend who doesn't own anything.

I've also started sorting through my comics collection and will be putting up lots of books for sale. I own a ton of comics from the 80-90's that are taking up to much space in my basement. So my goal is to just hang on to the ones that I like the cover art so I can display them as art and  sell off the rest. If you're a comics fan check the button up top often as things will be updated weekly.

In the same vein I'm selling off my large White Dwarf Collection so if you're missing an issue or want to pick up books from back when they were more than an ad for the army of the month check out the auctions. I really just want to get rid of them and cover my costs so you'll find some great deals.

Check out the auctions here.

Reading is FUN-demental

I'm clearing out some shelves in my library to make room and get organized. As such I've come to the realization that I own a ton of books. As such it's unlikely that I'm going to re-read most of these and rather than store them I figured I'd trying selling them on ebay.

Check out this link for some great deals on 40K novels, Graphic Design Books and some history books. Some of these have been out of print for some time now so this is a good chance to complete your collection or get your hands on a hard to find novel.

Black Friday Deals - Don't forget the little guys

While I'm sure most of you have already done your shopping by the time this posts. I wanted to remind you that Saturday is Small Business Saturday and is a great time to get out an support your local hobby store. Take some time to make a wish list with your store owner and direct your friends and family to that shop when looking for gift ideas for you. If your store owner doesn't do a wish list suggest it as a means to drive sales for his store.

Meanwhile I've put some hard to find items up in my ebay store front that would make a great gift. Check back often as I'm still in the process of cleaning out my game room of pieces I bought because of an unnatural obsession to "catch em all." And while they don't necessarily fit my playstyle or tastes anymore they are great finds and many of the items are out of print and hard to find.

Liber Chaotica - A look back at rare books

Warhammer - Back in 2003 Black Library released a set of four books each featuring a specific chaos god. At the time I couldn't resist the lure of chaos in all its myriad of forms and picked them up as soon as they released. Which turned out to be very wise of me as the books were not printed in a huge quantity and quickly sold out. Eventually they did reprint all four books collected into one large special edition. This also quickly sold out and is very hard to find.

Since a new and improved chaos codex was recently released I thought this would be a good time to look back at these books.

Each of the four volumes was released as a beautiful soft cover with a spot varnish and soft touch UV coating on the cover. The results are quite striking and make these books stand out from the typical GW book of the period.

Within the pages you'll find the writings of Marijan von Staufer detailing his extensive research into the gods of Chaos. The pages are set up like a journal with writings in the margins and sketches of the various daemonic entities. I really enjoyed reading through these and the sketches provided numerous ideas for conversions.

Games Workshop and the Black Library haven't put out books of this quality in a long time and it would be great to see them bring back this format as the books were very popular and still are on the secondary market when you can find them. Luckily if you've been looking for a complete set of these books you can find them here.

More Closet Cleaning - ebay Away

Miscellaneous – I'm still working on getting my game room back into proper shape. As of late I've spent most of my gaming nights up at Gamer's Gauntlet trying to get the Malifaux community up and running. Which means little motivation to clean up my gaming space as I'm not expecting company. As winter approaches I don't know how much I'm going to want to haul terrain and what-not out to the store in the snow and cold so I need to get the game room back in order.

I was recently fairly successful in cleaning out my mini cabinets so I think it's time to focus on the bookshelves. Honestly when I did the gameroom remodel a good portion of the shelving units I picked up were to house a sizable collection of White Dwarf Magazines, No Quarter, RPG books and novels. After almost two years I've come to the realization that I NEVER reference any of this material. The White Dwarf Magazines span back to the time when there was actual content and really for me once I've read modeling articles they pretty much stick with me so I think it's time to part with some more of this stuff.

My wife also has a section of the shelving that she uses to store here books and I'm trying to convince her to let me sell off some of the books because honestly after you're read a book once or twice and or loaned it out what are you really going to do with it other than store it. So you may or may not see some random stuff pop up on my ebay page. Fear not you're still in the right place.

Highest Bidder Wins

I'm still cleaning house. At some point you realize that you own to much stuff. Looking for space in my basement gaming room I've realized I don't have enough room. I own a ton of Black Library and Magic the Gathering novels the odds that I'm ever going to read them again is pretty slim. Sure there are a few books and series that I really liked and may re-read but the rest were good for a single read through and now just take up space. 

I also own a ridiculous amount of models many of which I haven't used in years. You see I have a problem. Much like many gamers I'm drawn to the new shiny thing. Which means I own lots of stuff that was an impulse purchase or a huge grand project that I lost interest in before it finished. Why I own a Dark Eldar codex and several other codexes for armies I've never had an interest in playing is beyond me. I suppose its an obsessive compulsive tendancy to own everything for what my current interest is. 

I've come to terms with the fact that once you take home any game related item it loses half of its value on the secondary market. As painful of a realization as that is, it's just a fact of life. Having listed a completely painted beautiful army on bartertown and received "offers" for less than 50% of the retail is depressing. Obviously I've picked a bad time to try and sell stuff. After GenCon nobody has the disposable income to make a huge purchase. I'm ok with that.

So in an effort to clean out some stuff and make room for new projects I've decided to go back to ebay. I really dislike selling stuff there but honestly it's the truest measure of the going rate for games and collectibles I know of. That said check out the button to the left and see what kind of deal you can get on random hobby stuff.

Garage Sale Continues...

I'm going to continue my Garage Sale for the rest of March. Each week I'm adding new products to the store. Some of the items are commissions that weren't picked up or the customer changed their mind. Other items are conversions and works-in-progress that I haven't worked on for a long time and don't anticipate coming back to. And of course the bulk of the items are well painted armies that I no longer have an interest in.

New this week are some models from what I'd consider a "display quality" Legion of Everblight army. This army features a cool blue and brown scheme with lots of detail work. The highlights don't show up in photographs as well as they do in hand, but I'm really proud of this project and hate to see it go. But in an interest of keeping my display cases current I'm willing to part with them as I have little interest in getting back into the system. 

Also up are some models from my Chaos Marine army. I'm not a big fan of the new codex and am trying to limit myself to just one army for each large game system I play. I don't play 40K as much as I used to and can probably get by with just a loyalist chapter that I can work on completing.

Garage Sale

In an effort to clean up my miniature cabinet, I'm adding a garage sale to the online store. While I hate to part with any of my older armies, it make little sense to keep them on the shelf gathering dust when someone else could get more use out of them.

First up on the list will be the majority of my Cryx force from Warmachine. My regular gaming group never made the jump to Mark II and I don't see any sense in holding on to the minis any longer. 

I'll be continuing to clean out my closets over the next few weeks so check back often for great deals on quality models.