Ghetto Fabulous - Homemade Relic Knights Proxies

Relic Knights – The kickstarter seems to have really taken off and I'm looking forward to seeing this game produced. However May 2013 is a long time to wait. Luckily Sodapop has release the "preliminary" quickstart rules and cards on their site.

With a bit of work I've been able to create a 2D version of the game using these rules so I can try it out and hopefully get other people in my area interested in the game as well. Typically when I play test or proxy I find mini's that look similar and use them to represent other models. With Relic Knights there are a ton on large base models that aren't easily proxied with existing stuff I own.

To solve this problem I took the model card and printed them on label paper which I mounted to some heavy card and cut out a circle equal to the base size of the model. Essentially I created pogs for the starter box models plus a few extra for the doctrine as their starter box seems to be points light at the moment. 

Continuing with the label paper I printed the Esper deck on the same 8.5"x11" label paper and stuck them to some playing cards. You can ususally find some decent quality cards at a dollar store. I cut them out and stuck them to the playing cards. Odds are they won't hold up for long unless I sleeve them but at the moment they shuffle fine.

I printed the models stat cards on regular paper and put them in some penny sleeves. I imagine when the real game comes out top loaders will be preferred and they need two different sizes standard and the 3.5"x5", but for now the penny sleeves work just fine.

I of course plan on building a themed table for this but given the "models" I'll be using are flat pogs, I decided to create some 2D versions of the crystal structures that appear in the demo games I've seen. Indicating the size of them and cutting it out of heavyweight paper will serve it's purpose while I wait for the full game to come out.