Highest Bidder Wins

I'm still cleaning house. At some point you realize that you own to much stuff. Looking for space in my basement gaming room I've realized I don't have enough room. I own a ton of Black Library and Magic the Gathering novels the odds that I'm ever going to read them again is pretty slim. Sure there are a few books and series that I really liked and may re-read but the rest were good for a single read through and now just take up space. 

I also own a ridiculous amount of models many of which I haven't used in years. You see I have a problem. Much like many gamers I'm drawn to the new shiny thing. Which means I own lots of stuff that was an impulse purchase or a huge grand project that I lost interest in before it finished. Why I own a Dark Eldar codex and several other codexes for armies I've never had an interest in playing is beyond me. I suppose its an obsessive compulsive tendancy to own everything for what my current interest is. 

I've come to terms with the fact that once you take home any game related item it loses half of its value on the secondary market. As painful of a realization as that is, it's just a fact of life. Having listed a completely painted beautiful army on bartertown and received "offers" for less than 50% of the retail is depressing. Obviously I've picked a bad time to try and sell stuff. After GenCon nobody has the disposable income to make a huge purchase. I'm ok with that.

So in an effort to clean out some stuff and make room for new projects I've decided to go back to ebay. I really dislike selling stuff there but honestly it's the truest measure of the going rate for games and collectibles I know of. That said check out the button to the left and see what kind of deal you can get on random hobby stuff.