Tallying the loot ... A post holiday inventory

It's mid-January, the holidays are over and I've finally had a chance to relax. This year the fat man was good to me (as well as my loving family and friends).

Once again I can't extol the virtues of having an Amazon wish list enough, all my family members raved about how easy it was to find that perfect gift with no worries about buying something I'd use in a White Elephant exchange down the road.

Anyway enough pandering and on to the inventory.

By far my favorite gift was a nice leather vest from my wife and kids. My gaming club all have biker style patches with our club name and location on them. Up until now I had a pleather-like nylon vest with a ton of pockets that I had my patches on. While useful for holding things, nylon sucks as it eventually starts to breakdown and crack at the seams. With this nifty leather vest I still have pockets (including some cool hidden holsters, maybe a dice bag will fit in them) a more durable material and a stylish look. 

In the gaming realm I also received some 40k models, magic cards and sleeves and Caverns of Roxor. I'm really looking forward to trying out Roxor as it seems to add a lot to Super Dungeon Explore. I really like the turtles and the other Nintendo homages included in the box. Sodapop really knows how leverage that nostalgia factor.

I also finally took the plunge into BlueRay with the Alien anthology and the Dark Knight trilogy. While I can notice a slight improvement in picture and sound quality I'm not 100% sold on the technology. Sure it's cool to be able to access additional online content and other special features but for most movies I think I'll stick with the cheaper DVDs. Sure some stuff is probably must own for BlueRay like remastered classics and some of the newer 3D films, but for most stuff I just want to watch a movie and don't care if it's in high def or not.

Finally I got the components to build my vacuum chamber and pressure pot. I'm looking forward to the crazy stuff I'll be able to create with these new tools.