On the painting table ... Tank Shock

Warhammer 40,000 – If you can't tell locally the sixth edition rules for 40K have been pretty popular. I'm tandemly working on two separate commission space marine armies. Oddly enough they're both green and share many of the same models. Unfortunately they are two very different shades of green which means I can't assembly line both armies at the same time. 

To speed up the process I pulled the common colors between the two armies and put them in the main slot of my paint table. Then I took two shoebox lids and put the custom mixes and army specific colors into them. That way when I need to change gears I have everything ready to go and can bring up the colors I need right away.

This time around I had to assemble and paint a Rhino and Landraider Redeemer. Both kits a very straightforward and fairly quick to put together. My client has no interest in opening the doors so I was able to glue it shut and skip the fiddly interior details. Once glue together with plastic cement these things are essentially solid bricks.

Painting followed the same rhythm as the other units in the army. Gretchin Green base with a green wash on the bulk of the model. Followed by edge highlights. I used the same grey with black wash for the black doors.

I left the hatches loose so he could upgrade to the melta if he so desired or just stick a standard hatch on if he didn't. I'm pretty happy with how these have turned out so far and just have some minor details to finish up and decals to apply.