On the painting table ... Gravity

Warhammer 40K – I recently began painting some additional models for the Dark Angel army commission from earlier this year. With the release of the new marine codex my client decided to add so traditional marine units to his army so he could take advantage of both books.

This time around I have a handful of Raven Wing bikers armed with grav guns. Apparently if you take gravguns on bikes you always get to shot the maximum rate of fire because of the relentless rule. (Note: this is why my Master of the Forge is on a bike). 

Painting Raven Wing is fairly straightforward as tabletop quality black consists of a coat of black and a gray edge highlight. This bring out the detail of the model without begining to look to gray. The rest of the model consists of gunmetal, red, green and bone. 

The more interesting model he provided for this round of painting is a Tech Marine conversion. He built this conversion beamer from a missile launcher and site bit, mounted to a heavy bolter backpack. I think the result mimics the forgeworld model well enough to be easily recognizable.

This model has the standard red armour of a Tech Marine with a chapter specific should pad and the bone robes of a inner circle member of the Dark Angels. 

Also while I have my green paint out I decided to finish up the Pellas Conversions with a fresh coat of paint. ForgeWorld has indicated they will release a pdf update of the Imperial Armour 9 and 10 books to bring the characters in line with the new chapter traits and update the chapter tactics of the characters to mesh with the new book.