On the painting table ... A stern look

Warhammer 40K – Anytime a new power armor book comes out it seems like a get swamped with new commission work. This is a good thing, so I'm looking forward to all the supplemental codexes that are coming out hopefully they'll have some cool unique units that my clients will want to add to their forces.

On the table now are some Sternguard Veterans to go along with the Dark Angels army I'm been painting for the same client. His goal is to have a nice looking tabletop force without breaking the bank. Which means all I'm doing it applying paint, I have to repeat this any time I post things for this army as personally mold lines and flash drive me crazy. However to keep the project within budget I have to remind myself that these were provided "ready to paint."

Anyway the new Sternguard plastics are pretty nice. They have all "ten pieces of flair" just like the old metal/finecast versions as well as all the weapon options in the kit for the basic entry. Looking at the way he's assembled these models I definitely want to pick up the set for the extra parts there are plenty of cool bits to make some unique models from this kit.

Painting is pretty basic a green base with a wash for the armor. I went in with gold and tan to pick out the robes and bling. Then gunmetal and red on the weapons. Once that was done I went in and picked out some of the highlights on the models and applied the single sword decal my client is using to denote veterans.

Also in this batch is his custom version of Ko'soro Khan on foot. I guess he's working on the mounted version as well so the two models will look the same. In an effort to make the most out of his power armor models I'm painting him as a master of the Ravenwing. My client likes to run a Codex: Space Marine list for his bikes with Kahn and pairs them with an allied detachment of Dark Angels.