Gameroom Update ... Moving Things Around

Random – We've been in a bit of a clean-up mode around the house lately. The motivation to go through boxes that were packed away when we moved in a few years ago and determine the need to hold onto stuff that's been in a box for years has been strong. The garbage man is probably less than happy with me as each week I've been putting out 10+ bags of random crap. This doesn't include the bags of donations that have mad their way to Salvation Army or the boxes of stuff slated to go up on ebay. It's crazy the amount of stuff you accumulate.

Anyway to the point, after cleaning up the basement I decided to reorganize the way the gameroom is set up, unfortunately I don't have a ton of options unless I start knocking down walls so it's been more of a minor tweak and move.

The location of my 4'x6' table has always been problematic as it makes sense from a space standpoint to put one of the short edges against a wall. Essentially this takes the place of where a bar would be in a typical home. The problem with that is the art of the table that buts against the wall sees little use because it's inconvenient to move models around and you miss some site lines because you can't go all the way around the table.

After busting out the measuring tape I realized that I could float the table in relatively the same area it already occupied without loosing to much space. Some of the larger memebers of my play group might have an issue getting around it but the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Besides its my house and if I can fit around it that's really all that matters.

After moving the table I realized the my shelves looked a little off balance, so I made a trip to IKEA and got another small BILLY shelf to separate the two display cabinets. This helped to balance out the wall a little better. (I'd prefer to do the full wall in shelves but the location of the closet around the water meter means I have to leave some space, my wife also didn't want me to cover the window any more than is already is ...)

With the additon of the shelf I was able to put all my rulebooks on the same wall as my models and bring my trophies out of the cabinet onto a shelf where they are more visible and centrally located.

I'm still trying to find the right place to store my terrain as the bins under the table are less than ideal. With the move however I was able to fit two barstools under the table so seating for two is possible. It still needs some work but it feels good to move some stuff around.

The long boxes of comics that I was storing under the table are on their way to ebay. I've given up on trying to get anything near their actual value and just need to get them out of the house. So if you're looking for any issues from the 80's or 90's check out my ebay auctions.