On the painting table ... Plastic Thunderhawk Conversion

Warhammer 40K – More Dark Angel stuff on the table this week, my client is focusing on getting his Deathwing and Raven Wing wrapped up so I have some larger projects that need to get a tabletop paint job.

First up is a converted Thunderhawk, my client wanted to have something that he could field in an apocalypse game and didn't want to pay/wait for Forgeworld so he built this himself. From what I can tell this consists of two Storm Ravens, a Rhino, some Cities of Death bits, Dark Angel Flyer and some 3D printed parts. As with previous commissions I've painted for him he likes to design his own stuff in 3D Max and have it printed through Shapeways. He got a slightly better finish on these parts but there is still a definite texture to the final finish, not to hard to hide with the paint job but not the same as injection molded plastic.

I still have to detail out the cockpit and do the edge highlighting but I'm excited about the project so I wanted to share an in progress look at it.

've had a Thunderhawk on my wish list for ages as I really like the Forgewoeld model, however the cost to use ratio never did it for me. From what I can tell this is a pretty good approximation of the model and will work just fine in game. With paint on it it looks really sharp.

Next he sent along a Landraider Crusader that is a Deathwing Transport. My guess is he's realized that deepstriking isn't always the best option and having a way to haul slow moving terminators to where the action is is a safe plan. This model has some minor conversions to it as well mostly the addition of some Cities of Death bits to mimick what he did with his Landspeeder conversion and the details he added to the Thunderhawk.