Game Review - Cathedral

Review – I've never heard of the game Cathedral before opening in up on Christmas day. That said I was pretty impressed with the box and the contents. The gameboard and pieces are all nicely stained pieces of wood as such this game would look very nice on a coffee table as a conversation piece. 

The rules are fairly simple players alternate placing thier buildings on the board attempting to claim space and deny your opponent areas to place their pieces. The first player to put all their pieces on the board wins. If neither player can play all their pieces the player with the least number of pieces left wins.

It feels a little like chess and a little like Blokus, while feeling unique from either of them. 

I played a few games with my wife and she really liked the game it was simple and easy to play. It only took a minute to explain the rules and we played eight or nine games the first night we tried it. So I can honestly say this is a good strategy game that can be played with just about anyone.