On the painting table ... Who's Fallen?

Warhammer 40,000 – Dark Angels you seem to have no end. One of my regular clients recently provided me with some more models to paint up for his Dark Angels/Marine Equivalent force. It sounds like his goal is to have a complete Deathwing, Ravenwing and I dunno ... Plainwing force with all the options from either book that he may want to use. He also seems to be following the "Rule of Cool" by looking at a unit entry and deciding if it's a modeling project he wants to undertake rather than just picking the most broken combos to make (although there's probably a bit of that as well)

First up is a Ravenwing Command Squad, with this one he designed some custom weapon mounts that he had 3D printed. The look like a grav gun and a melta gun mounted to the front of the bike. He then made some twin linked bolters that he has the riders holding. The way he explained it is this way he has all the options he might want WYSIWYG on the model. This makes sense to me as it saves cash and provides unique looking models. Hopefully his opponents share my opinion.

Paint on these is fairly simple, block in the base colors, wash with black, brown or green then go in to highlight the details.

Next we have his take on the Legion of the Damned. These are a weird unit in Codex: Space Marines that represent the ghost riders of the Imperium: Hellish flaming marines that appear in times of need. The flaming skull thing wasn't up my clients alley so he decided to do a fluffy representation of them as remembers of the Fallen. Dark Angles that were sucked into the warp during the Heresy who may or may not be the true loyalists.

Going with this idea he asked me to paint them in a Pre-Heresy color scheme without the red bolters that are featured in the rest of his force. I always thought the Pre-Heresy color was black and repainted to green post heresy however my client insists that it was actually a really deep green that was almost black. The customer is always right so I went about crating a really dark green for these models.