And now for something cute ... Impact Miniatures

Chibi Dungeon – Not to long ago Impact Miniatures ran a successful Kickstarter to produce chibi style characters based off the old D&D cartoon. The campaign was a success and they wound up reaching many stretch goals. I believe the bulk of the rewards are supposed to ship in May. However they were able to produce a five headed dragon early which is now available in their web store.

Overall the sculpt matches the concept sketches and looks very cool. The size is comparable to the Boss monsters from Super Dungeon Explore and as such could be used as a replacement (or if you're ambitious and want to make your own stats like me as a new boss monster) for the existing monsters. 

I was a bit bummed at the amount of flash and sprue chunks on the mini when it arrived, however the "troll-cast" plastic they're using is pretty easy to work with. The model looks to have a bit of texture from the type of 3D printing that was used but I'm hoping it goes away one it's fully primed and painted. For the cost this is a really cool model that can add a new level of monster to your Super Dungeon games or supplement a chibi style RPG campaign.

As you can see by the photo the overall size of this model is impressive, weighing in at slightly larger than a Contemptor Dreadnought. For the cost you're getting a great deal for the amount of raw material. Assembly was a pain it the ass as this isn't normal plastic so plastic cement won't work in it instead you have to use super glue. Because this is "spin-cast" plastic rather than injection molded you will notice a large amount of bubbles in the cast which is disappointing. Luckily Games Workshop has the same issue with their Finecast product and has come out with Liquid Greenstuff to fills the inevitable bubbles and gaps. I'll be picking some up as I assume when the Kickstarter shipment arrives the models will have the same problems.