On the painting table ... Death Wing Contemptor

Warhammer 40,000 – Continuing along I have some more models I'm painting for that Dark Angels commission. Again in order to save costs the client provided the models "clean and assembled" so all I'm doing is putting a tabletop quality finish on the models. Apparently he had some issue with putting the Contemptor together and had to put a rod in so it would stand up properly. After seeing what he had done I gave him a quick walk through of cleaning and prepping resin for assembly. He didn't want to take apart what he had done so ... I'm just painting it as is. I'll paint the rod black in an attempt to hide it.

I began the same as I did with the Terminators a stone base coat with a earthshade wash followed by a bone highlight. The metal was washed with black and highlighted with silver. Overall the Contemptor is a joy to paint and looks like a very cool model. (Once I finish all the stuff I already own I might pick one up for my own marines)

Also in this batch are some Raven Wing bikers, these are the three that came in the Dark Vengeance set. The sculpts on these are a bit weird as I'm not sure why a marine would have a scroll on the outside of his calf like a bad tatoo other than the digital sculptor just thought they need something there. (I imagine an art director screaming more flair, 15 is not enough). My client wasn't a fan of the wings on the back and clipped them off to add some gas cans (long range patrols need extra fuel, right?)

Painting on Raven Wing is pretty down and dirty. Paint the metallics, black basecoat, black wash go back and edge highlight/ pick out details.