Evil Dead - Reboot Review

Movie Review – Last night I went to see Evil Dead with a few friends. Prior to going I rewtched the original on Netflix just to have a fresh basis for comparing the two, rather than foggy found memories of the original.

Regardless of the cult popularity of the original it really was a fairly bad movie. Fun and gore filled leading to a successful trilogy of films and widely quotable lines, inspiration for a host of similar movies, but still not a great movie. That's not to say I didn't like it in fact its one of my favorite franchises.

In order to review this spoilers are included so if you're worries about that don't read on.

The premise of the reboot makes a bit more sense as to why a group of kids head out to the middle of nowhere and don't high tail it home as soon as creepy shit starts happening. Basically they head up for a cold turkey intervention of their heroin addicted friend. When shit gets weird they attribute it to her detoxing and make a pact to stay regardless of what happens.

This is a big variation from the "lets go party in the woods" theme of the first film, which was refreshing to see they strayed away from the radom boob shot and sex scene that appear in every horror movie in the 1980's.

Upon investigating the awful smell of the cabin they come upon the Necronomicon and the nerdy guy reads it unleasing an ancient evil. From there on the movie is a gore fest that showcases the extraoridinary talents of the sFX team.

After the credits rolled both of my compatriots decried it to be the worst movie ever, citing that nothing made sense and it could have ended four different times due to the false endings. I however enoyed the movie for what it was, I think having seen the original again recently helped me to appreciate the movie for what it was. A gore filled homage to a cult classic that brings something new to the table and sets the stage for a franchise if it can bring in the money.

The sound and effects in this were amazing. The story was ... well essentially Evil Dead minus the camp with more realistic gore.