On the painting table ... Born on the Bayou

Malifaux – I've made pretty swift progress on the gremlin models. It helps that they share quite a few common elements throughout the range so painting them assembly line style made it easy to accomplish quite a bit in a short period of time.

After putting down a foundation base coat to block in all the colors I went back in and began adding highlights. For the Gremlin skin I used the edge highlight I mixed up for the Dark Angels project followed by a lime green final highlight to help bring it all together and smooth the transitions I applied a Biel-tan Green wash to all the skin elements. I'm really happy with how bright the green turned out as it's going to pop against the brown murky water bases and vegetation I plan on adding after painting is finished.

For the pigs I blocked in a Cadian Flesh base coat and washed that with earthshade. I then applied highlights of elf flesh and washed it with Ogryun Flesh wash. I think this has given them a fleshy pink feel without being the bright pink I usually associate with pigs. 

To get the earthy brown color on the base I started with a light brown base, followed by an earthshade wash. Once the wash had dried I used a light dry brush to bring out the detail in the base. A wash of brown ink then filled in the color and brought out the rich earthy look I was trying to accomplish.

After adding some grass tuffs and course green brush I sealed these up to prepare for the water effects. I use Envirotex light for my water effects as it's simple to mix and easy to apply. I mixed up a small batch and added some green and brown ink to create the murky water. Then using a small stir stick I carefully covered the depressions in the Hell Bases, being careful to not apply to much. Envirotext is self leveling so it will flow into the gaps and create a nice smooth surface.

While I enjouyed painting these models and love the level of character they have, they don't really fit my playstyle and as such I don't feel the need to hold onto them. If you'd like to own this crew with all the limited edition goodies check out the auction here.