Cards Against Humanity...

Over the weekend I had a chance to play Cards Against Humanity, essentially a new adult themed take on Apples to Apples with sick and twisted phrases thrown into the mix as well as some interesting category options including pick two and build a haiku.

The game is very bar bones sticking to black and white print with a simple helvetica typeface there's not a whole lot to review. The printed cards are of good quality with the box being pretty solid. Checking on their website you can download a pdf and make your own set if you choose to, although just buying the printed version seems like a better idea.

I played this at a bachelor party and the level of depravity for the wining answers was quite absurd. We had about 11 guys around the table so the game did take a little while to wrap up, however it was a good time and much like Apples to Apples the game passes quickly and is usually a ton of fun. It suffers from the same problem as other games in this genre in that if you get a shitty hand of lame answers there's not much you can do except to throw off crappy answers and hope for something better.

This is a party game I feel I should have in my stable to play with most of my groups of friends. Not exactly family friendly but in the right group tons of fun. Of course I suppose you could bust it out to play with grandma and Aunt Mable if you're a horrible person looking for awkward moments.