Keep on Spinning - Dice Ring Review

Game Aids – I just received the first part of my rewards from the CritSuccess Kickstarter. A little off from the initial project estimate of February 2013, however the project creator was very upfront about production issues and posted regular updates on the projects process. I'm still waiting on the Life Counter double band ring which they are figuring to have in hand in July. Overall I'm happy I backed the project as it helped these guys get their business off the ground.

I received two rings one D6 spinner and a Rock, Paper Scissors Spinner for my daughter. The rings turned out very nice and have a nice fit. Initially they were a little rough to spin however after washing them per the instructions provided by CritSuccess to remove any factory grit they spin very smooth. With the D6 it seems to be sufficiently randomized as I hardly ever roll the same number twice and so long as you give it a good spin it yields similar results to a die roll.

I backed these more as a novelty item rather than a true gaming aid however now that I have them in hand I can see using them in place of dice on occasion. Truly it's no different then the die rolling apps you can download for your smart phone (except way cooler looking). 

One of the added benefits of these rings is it gives you something to fidget with. My pen clicking has been reduced by about 90% thanks to this nifty spinner ring.

Once they've delivered to all the backers you'll be able to purchase the rings here.