Evil Baby Swag

Card Games – The rest of my rewards arrived the other day from the Evil Baby Orphange Kickstater. This was delayed by quite a long time due to the extras, but I'm glad to have all the rewards in hand. 

In the box I received a plushie Ceasar, the three Evil Baby Special Figures, a Evil Baby Fate Deck, 2 expansions, 2 minibooks, and a special tin. Overall not a bad haul for a relatively small investment. I've enjoyed the core game much more than I thought I would and I'm looking forward to adding in the expansions and trying it out.

The plushie is pretty cool and will look nice on my bookshelf next to my other weird toys (so long as the little ones don't try and claim it for their own). It's a little smaller than I imagined it to be but the overall construction is pretty decent quality for something made to sit on a shelf. If I gave it to my kids to play with most likely the felt details would tear off as they are only held on by glue.

The expansions came packed in a larger style box that is of a much better quality then the crappy little box the core game came packaged in. The cardboard is of a heavier stock similar to what most nicer boardgames are packaged in. The additions of more babies, action cards and time nannies as well as another keyword seem to add another layer of depth to the game.

The miniatures are tiny (to be expected they are babies...) and come on a single sprue. The level of detail is on par with the rest of the Wyrd plastics. It still feels like the detail needs to be deeper, however the models are identical to the concept art. They should be fun to paint once I get back into Malifaux.

I was a little bummed about the tin, it will fit everything from the core game and the expansions when they aren't sleeved. However, if they made the tin 1/8" wider  on all sides it would fit sleeved cards (which is really a necessity if you intend to play the game often, as the cardstock for the cards themselves is on slightly flimsy side, not as bad as Super Dungeon Explore but not as high as Magic the Gathering).

Also included in the box was a little history book, coloring book, poster, themed fate deck/playing card deck and some bonus cards exclusive to the Kickstarter. I'm not sure how I feel about all the Chotchkies considering those are the items that caused such a massive delay in the delivery of the final shipment. While they are neat essentially it's just more junk for my shelves and I probably would have preferred Wyrd stick to what they know and perhaps add more models, improve card quality, throw in some card sleeves or create a more functional box.