Don't Fear the Reaper ... BONES are here

This week I received this beat up barely sealed box on my doorstep. Seeing the rips and bands I feared my box had been destroyed by the USPS. After bringing it in I put some fore thought into photographing the process of opening the box. (Previously I've had this happen with a Forgeworld Order.) With some hesitation I slipped the bands off the side of the box ...

Thankfully my models seem to all be there and in decent condition. I only backed for the Limited Edition Sofie and added some larger models after the fact just because they were such a good deal. It looks like Reaper threw in an extra model which will be helpful to see how my paints react with the material. I've read some horror stories about primer not drying on these models and I don't want to make that mistake with my Cthulu or Skeletal Dragon. Apparently the bones material is formulated so you can apply paint directly to the model, I'm a bit skeptical but thankfully they sent a junk model I can mess with.

Opening the big boxes I'm impressed with the heft and level of detail on the large models. The bones material is fairly flexible (which is a good thing for models that will see lots of play) and less likely to break if they take a tumble. It doesn't react to plastic cement so crazy glue is needed to assemble the models. I'll post a full review once I have some time to spend actually putting together and painting these bad boys up.

This it the third Kickstarter project that has finally delivered and I'm pretty happy with the overall results. Ultimately Reaper is now going to be able to move more of their line over to the less expensive material which means when I need a random whatever for a game I'll be able to pick it up for a couple of bucks (Remember when Reaper minis were like $2 a piece?) this is ultimately a good thing. The material is a little sketchy but I think once you get used to it and adjust your style to it's quirks the benefits will outweigh the negatives.

As with all Kickstarter projects this one faced some delays, which at this point is just to be expected. If the Kickstarter is wildly successful throw any dates out the window as it is unlikely you'll get your rewards by that date. I was very disappointed in the packing job and hope this is a fluke based on the shear volume Reaper is distributing at the moment. Previously things were nicely taped and packed and arrived is tip top shape ... not so much this time around but again I'm guessing the temporary help they've brought in to help with shipping is the cause of this crappy packing job.