On the painting table ... Fired Up

Super Dungeon Explore – After spending so much time working on terrain I decided to take a break from the Near Future Board and dig out some miniatures to paint. For Christmas I received the Caverns of Roxor Expansion and an extra box of the Fire Denizens. having only played a few games with them they've been sitting in my basement waiting for some painting love. 

All the new Super Dungeon stuff comes preassembled which is a bit of a mixed blessing. It's nice because you don't have to take hours putting all the little dudes together. It sucks because the preassemble minis aren't always put together well and you have some nasty gaps and a harder time removing the flash/mold lines. (which because of the type of plastic is a pain in the ass).

After gently scraping off all the mold lines with a brand new xacto blade I washed all the minis with warm soapy water. Again an important step because the type of plastic used has a weird sheen to it. Next I mixed up a blob of green stuff to attempt to rectify the gap problems and fill in the slots on the cavern bases. I decided to sculpt some stones that were raised up from the base to add a little more interest to them. The whole process took a few hours to finish up all the models with a fire theme.

This time around I stuck with a white primer. I think this is going to help the yellows and oranges pop on the models. Most of the time I use a red oxide primer as it's easy to cover and gives a darker feel than white but less muddy than black or grey primer. I've found white works best for bright colors.

I'm happy with these look for now and will probably go back in to smooth out the transitions and add more highlighting before sealing these. But for now they look way better than the bare red plastic and are usable on the tabletop.