Making an Impact ... Kickstarter Delivered

Kickstarter – I recently received my order from the Impact Minis Chibi Kickstarter. I've been super excited about these since I pledged and was nervous about it when the creator had health problems. Amazingly he was able to get through the problems and deliver pretty close to the deadline. 

While I love the models and can't wait to get them all assemble and painted I do have to voice a single concern. Trollcast/finecast/whatever it is kinda sucks. Most of the minis have some minor bubble issues which is easy enough to correct with liquid greenstuff; in fact most of the bubble problems and on the undersides of models or in inconspicuous areas. The miscast issue is a bigger deal as I'm not a fan of resculpting ears. Thankfully it only looks like a few models are affected and I imagine impact will provide replacement parts once they get through the initial shipments. Another issue with the molding is the placement of the vents the areas they were place is less then optimal in some case. Notably with the Flesh Golem had a vent placed on it's chin ... really guys? The same can be said for where the mold lines run.

Ok now that the uncomfortable criticism is out of the way I can't stop gushing about these models. They are slightly larger than the Super Dungeon Explore stuff but the aesthetic matches up perfectly. As a fan of the old D&D cartoon I can't wait to see them on the table killing stuff and collecting loot.

Once I have them all assembled and painted I'm going to make custom rules and cards to increase the number of heroes available in my Super Dungeon Explore games. I'm also going to have to figure out custom spawn points for the monsters I picked up as well as decide whether to make the type 2 figures mini bosses or dungeon bosses.