On the painting table ... T-U-R-T-L-E Power

Super Dungeon Explore – In an effort to get my cute stuff painted I began work on the heroes and Rocktop Gang from Caverns of Roxor. Yes I know I'm an expansion behind; but I decided I wouldn't pick up the next one until I had everything painted from this expansion.

As with all the SDE stuff removing the mold lines is a bitch. At some point I just had to give up because of where they fall going right through the detail on the heads of some of the turtles. Super annoying and it would have been easier to clean them up if they weren't preassembled, but alas after the uproar about the original box it seems that everything with come preassembled for the boardgamers.

Anyway after cleaning them up and sculpting stones on the bases to cover the gaps in the slotted bases; I primed them white and used GW base to block in the color. I chose to stick with a common color for all the turtles and shells. After looking at them again it's really hard to tell the rollers apart from the slowpokes so I changed them to a darker scheme then the rest.