On the painting table ... More Grunts

Warhammer 40,000 – Yes sir more Imperial Guardsmen made their way to my painting table this week. These are or the more official variety with a head swap of course. Talking with my client he plans on using these models as conscripts and/or gun encampment crew. They have a different look than the great coat models that make up the rest of his force and as such I need to do something a little different, yet keep them similar enough that they look like the fit with the rest of the force.

First up as always with this army I prime everything dark grey and follow it up with a grey basecoat. For these models I chose to do a red and white shoulder pad. I imagine it would designate a different rank or squad than the great coat models which have a 3 panel pad. After blocking in those colors I add the metallic bits and do aa heavy black wash. This bring out the details and gives the basic shading to each model.