101 Things to Do with Craters #2 (continued)

Terrain Making – This project got pushed back after the plague tore threw my house last month. But I'm feeling better and back with a vengeance to get some of these projects done. 

When last we left the crater project I had just painted in the bright green for the slime pools. The next step was to add in the Envirotex Lite to give it a depth and really help sell the concept. I did this in several parts as I added some paint between each layer to give the illusion of more even more depth.

After that dried I glued down the grass mat tufts I have to give some greenery to the set. I think I might need to add some addition vegetation to the areas around the grass tufts to make it look a bit more natural. Functionally it works great in game as it has some good LOS blocking qualities without being so huge that it's hard to store.